Top 5 best paid simulation games

Assetto Corsa

The list of best simulation games without adding a game related to car racing is incomplete. That’s why the first game in our list is Assetto Corsa which is a car racing. The game was first only designed for Windows users in 2014 but today it is available for PS4, Xbox One users. The game allows you to play as single user or race with our friends by selecting multiplayer options. Verity of cars, amazing tracks and high quality of graphics make it one of the best simulation games to purchase. This game can be downloaded in $40 only. Almost all popular car manufacturers have issued licenses to the company to use their cars in the games which include BMW, Ferrari, McLaren, KTM, and Mercedes etc.

Rising Storm

There are many war related games available to play but there are few which is based on real events. Rising Storm is one of them, which has been inspired by the World War II and based on its theme. The game was announced in mid of the year 2010 but finally released in May 2013. This game is only available to play on Windows but the company has planned to launch it for Xbox and PlayStation soon in the future. The sequel of this game has been already released which is based on Vietnam War and has an excellent quality of graphics to enjoy.

Farming Simulator

This is not a game which has been much appreciated but we love it because it allows all age of people to enjoy it where there is no violence in the game. Farming Simulator is available to play on all most all popular operating systems and electronic devices including iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, Kindle, and Nintendo etc. There are different versions of this game is available to download and play. The company released a new version almost each year with new goals, levels, characters, better graphics, and music. It is one of the musts to play game because you will not get bored even after playing it for years due to interesting tasks to complete.

Flight Simulator X

If you are looking for a premium simulation game which has realistic graphics and amazing music then Flight Simulator X should be on your list of best-paid simulation games. This game allows you to fly the plane after getting proper training and complete different tasks to unlock the airplanes. The game is not only about playing a fighter plane but also passenger plane, water plane and much more. The game was first launched in 2006 where its latest version was released in 2014. You can play the game with your friends through internet by selecting a multiplayer option. Unfortunately, this game is only available for Windows users only.

Silent Hunter 3

This is one of those games which can make happy to any simulation game player because there are very few games available to play which are based on war under water and submarines. You have probably played so many war-related games but not a war related games which allow you to attach on your enemies through water vehicles. The price of this game is less than $20 where you can upgrade to new versions for free. The game is only available for PC users only. The excellent graphics and realistic screen make this game a perfect choice for those who are looking for a new war-related game.