Top 5 best free simulation games

Simulation games are popular all around the world due to the verity of games. There is almost all type of simulation games available to play. Whether you are looking for a racing game, war-related game, puzzle, kid’s games, games for adult or games related to you mobile, simulation games can fulfill your desire. 

Most of the simulation games are paid and expensive. Everyone can not afford them. That’s why we bring the list of top 5 best free simulation games for you to play on PC or your mobile. These games are available to download for free for all users.

TrackMania Nations Forever

Car races games are known as the heart of simulation because Sim has created so many of them and every one of them is popular equally. TrackMania Nations Forever is one of among those cars races by Sim which is totally free to download and play on the computer. There are so many different difficult levels available to enjoy the race. There is also many cars available to drive on different tracks.


LinCity-NG is my favorite game because you can play if for years without worrying about the goals. This free simulation game is all about managing the city and completing goals to expand your town and people. You need to earn money by doing different tasks and provide food and energy to the citizens. In this game, you can move from one era to other by improving technology and energy source. This free Sim game is suitable for all age of people.

Flight Gear

Flight Gear is popular for its paid version but there is a free simulation version is also available for PC users. In this game, you will not only fly the game and fight against your enemies but also earn points to improve the technology and purchase new planes etc. The free version of Flight Gear has enough to make this game entertaining.


C-Evo is more like LinCity-NG with advanced options but other than just building cities, in this game you actually fight against other civilizations to keep your cities safe from them. You can improve the technology, and build your own empire by completing the different task with the help of people living in your city. This game is suitable for all ages and totally fun for those who are looking for a lengthy game to play.

Bicycle quad stunts racer

The last game in our list of Top 5 best free simulation games is especially for Android users who are looking for a colorful but interesting racing game to play. This is available to download for free and support all devices and different version of Android. You can change bikes, upgrade the design and also has the option to change the weather etc. This game is totally fun. You do not need to press any button to play this game as the bike can be controlled with the motion of your mobile.