The Sims FreePlay, Reviews

Few games become part of the life of the players. The Sims FreePlay is one of them. I am not saying this because I play this game daily or I am addicted to this. This is actually what the most of the people who play Sims FreePlay says because this game has so much similar things which can reflect in our life. We have so many games out there which are based on war and battlefield; in these games, you plan a whole war, build armies and buildings etc. The Sims FreePlay is same the like game but there is no blood or fighting except you will do the things which you actually do in your life which includes learning skills, job hunting, relationship, love and even sex. This game will also help you to improve your decision-making skills, respect others, understanding responsibilities, improving communication skills and building new relationship etc.

Is Sims FreePlay free to download?

Yes, Sims FreePlay is 100% free to download and support almost all operating systems with different versions. This means that you can play it’s whenever you want and wherever you want. The PC version of this game also exists. Like other premium game, you can upgrade your levels, skills, and characters in Sims FreePlay by purchasing through real money but it is not necessary. You can earn game money by playing is regularly as well.

Sims FreePlay

Sims FreePlay App Details:

Officially this game has been designed for android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire users but there is also PC version available which is not published by the company. The total size of the application is about 570 MB where it’s fit with iOS 4.1 and advance version and Android 2 and advance versions

Who can play Sims FreePlay?

Anyone who has mobile can play Sims FreePlay but by the company, this game has been designed and developed for people above 15. The company has set this age limit due to two reasons; first, this game allows you to have sex between two Sims characters (there is no graphics) and second, this game will actually help you to improve your lifestyle due to its missions and skills levels etc.

How to play Sims FreePlay?

To learn how to play this game, first, you need to know the theme of this game. This game is based on actually life events. You create Sims characters on the basis of different personalities. These Sims then earn simoleons for you by performing different tasks. Your goal in this game is to increase the value of your town and people you have created for you Sims. The points can be earned by completing different tasks which reflect in our daily life. For example, you will earn energy, bladder, points, money and much more by finding a good job in the game, learn different skills e.g. cook, dancing, writing, boat making, inventing, social networking, art and much more etc. You can then use these points to increasing the value of your town by purchasing better furniture, house and much more. You can also buy all these things by using real money.

In the game, you can also create your family by having sex. Then you will earn more rewards by fulfilling the basic human needs of your kids and teaching them different skills. In short, this game will allow you to do the things which we actually practice in our life. There is some violence like a fight between characters and kids etc but still, the level of violence is much low as compare to any other ordinary war based games.