The Sims 2: University Review

Playing The Sims 2 University is really exciting because this version has been developed well with campus atmosphere. It is really fast to grow up isn’t? It was started when they are still babies and all of sudden they are trying to wear their own shoes. Once they are getting teenagers, then they must be ready to spend their days on the campus.Well, it is only found in The Sims 2: University. It gives a chance to you to manage your character to grow up. It seems that this University version is really challenging.

You may be familiar with the Sims game in general where you can manage all of the strategies to build a family and make a relationship with others. You are the controller of the character whether you want to make them happy or you may let them die. Meanwhile, in the latest The Sims 2, it has a different way in order to build a family where you can see each character to give birth and then they will grow up to be adults while in The Sims 2 University you are not only raising them, but you also have to make them become successful persons. In this case, you can make your own character or you can just pick the existing one that is ready to use and then you can send them to the campus.

There are three colleges that the characters can visit. The first is La Fiesta Tech, Académie Le Tour, and Sim State University. This can be the greatest adventure to make your Sims character to be successful. Each campus has a different building and you need to choose the correct one so that your character will become successful to reach their dreams. When you choose a certain campus, then your character will become a person as it is given to the campus. But, all of the campuses are good to choose and it all depends on your decision to choose your favorite one.

Playing The Sims 2 University will start with choosing a place to stay and you can choose a room. Your character will be able to interact with each other every day. Your character will have some friends and it is also more interactive than the previous one. This The Sims 2 University version will require your character to interact with each other a lot starting from having breakfast, talking in the room, or when you use a shower. This makes the gameplay looks more realistic and your character can even create a particular group with other friends such as making a group band where you can purchase some musical instruments and they you can let your character practice with his or her roommates. Here, your character will lead you to get some creativity points.

There are a lot of things that you will get in this The Sims 2 University and you can even join a sorority and fraternity when you select to go Greek. It will make your character become more sociable where your character will meet more people and get more friends. So far, this The Sims 2 University game is really incredible with its realistic atmosphere to make the interaction better and your character can meet with a lot of students in the campus.