How to max your Sims skills

Looking for Sims cheats to max your Sims skills? This page will help you to learn different ways including free cheats to get an instant increase in your Sims skills by writing easy cheat codes in the console. We have included the list of only those skills which are important and hard to get maximize. So, do not spend any more money to max your Sims skills because we are sharing cheats with you.

Sims is a popular game. People like to play it because this game has so much which look realistic. The game is inspired by the real life of human being. Other than just completing different tasks, you will able to learn so many different skills in Sims. These Sims skills allow you to move to higher level. Unfortunately, it is not easy to learn skills. You need to collect point, wait for days and spend the time to learn skills. There is also an option to purchase the skills by paying the real money. But if you do not want to spend any money and looking for a way to max your Sims skills, then you should learn about different cheats. These cheats can help you to improve the skills level within seconds. The best part of these cheats is that you can max your Sims skills as much as you want without setting any limited.

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How does Sims cheat work to max skills?

Running cheats on Sims Studio was impossible until the company has developed some cheats on demand of the players. You can put the cheats and maximize the level of any required skills as per your wishes. Yes, these cheats do not only allow you to max your Sims skills randomly but you can also max the level of skills from 2 to 5, 6, 7 etc. All you need to learn that how to apply the Sims cheats to max your Sims skills by opening the console.

Step 1: Open the console:

You must know that how to open the console in Sims Studio to apply any type of cheat. To open the console in Windows, you need to type Control + Shift + C and press enter. If you are Mac users, then make sure to using control, not command.

Step 2: Allow advance cheats:

Once you see the bar for cheats, simply type testingcheats on. This command will allow you to use advanced cheats.

Step 3: Max your Sims skills:

Now you will see the option to enter the cheat code for skills. In this white box, you have to enter the following cheats. Make sure to replace X with the level of skills you want to increase.

Step 4: List of cheats to max Sims skills:

Following is the standard cheat code to max your skills:

stats.set_skill_level major_SKILL NAME x

Replace “SKILL_NAME” with the name of the skill. For example, if you want to max your major baking skills then replace it with “major_baking” and so on. For fitness, use “skill_fitness”.

Replace X with the level you want to increase. For example, if you want to increase your fitness skill to level 7 then replace X with 7 in the cheat code.

Following if the list of skills with its name. Simply replace them with “SKILL_NAME” in cheat code:

Baking, Bartending, Charisma, Comedy, Fishing, Gardening, GourmetCooking, Guitar, Handiness, Herbalism, HomestyleCooking, Logic, Mischief, Painting, Photography, Piano, Programming, Reaping, RocketScience.