How to get more money on sims 3

If you are enjoying Sims 3 and find that you need more cash, use the following cheat. I will provide you a more cash/extra.

  • Pres these 3 keys combine: Ctrl+ shift+ C.
  • Type in “motherlode” and press enter
  • Repeat as wanted

To get €1000

  • Press down shift, CTRL and C.
  • And write in “kaching” and push enter
  • Repeat as required

To have the most cash possible

  • Press C, Shift, CTRL
  • Write in testing cheat enable family funds
  • Repeat as required

The old fashioned way

Fix it so that your sims stay active long. This can be performed, turning off again or setting the age time frame as you can.

sim 3 2

Adults sims in your family as you can. They will be capable to job complete-time jobs to support your family become rich. If you are getting them in your household via creation, plan which careers they will be operating in beforehand, and then try to provide them as many traits that will support them with work you have in mind for them as you can.

If you like purchasing your sims houses-prebuilt, then apply the freerealestate by doing SHIFT+ CTRL+ C and writing in freerealestate as you are on the display which is asking you to move in your sims. If you love building home on lots, then after you purchase the lot, just construct the things they want to stay alive, some items to support them in their careers and not any problem. You can go quite far with this.

This is truly not so hard, since in the Sims 3, there is forever an opening career of your choice. If it does not in the newspaper or show up online, just go to the website of the career to get the work.

This may appear quite clear to you, but let me involved on this a pretty more. If you job for hours throughout the day, and then perform nothing to support your occupation in the evening, you would get too far. You will be do well somewhat, but only with doubt long period of hard job, which could be spend up by some skill in the needed skills or links of that. You should keep them supporting their job constantly, especially for the ones you would not keep.

You can go out for free by picking one of your non-preferred sims, using the choice on their cell phone that says “Move” having the other required Sims got out with them, picking the option that is labeled kick out, and deciding the plan by pushing on the check mark.