How to add custom content to sims 4

Installing custom content and mods in the Sims 4 is very simple for both Mac and PC, if you are not sure how to perform it, I wrote a fast but full tutorial for you to read. Most of Custom content files or Mods you can download are .pyo/pf or package files that come in a compressed RAR or Zip format. 

Ensure you have a program to extract compressed RAR or Zip file. I advised you that download 7-Zip for personal computer and the Unarchiver for Mac, for the reason that it is extremely simple to use and can extort both file kinds. These programs will forever work for every compressed file that your download with Custom Content or Mods.

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Install the SIM 4. Package files

Primary you need to extract .rar or .zip file. Do using 7-Zip twin click on the zip file and push extract. If this does not work, right click on the compressed file > open with> seven zip File Manager> Extract. Now you can right of entry the .package file.

Install the .package file in the folder Mods. You can perform this by cut and paste file in here.

Install the Sims 4. Py/pyo files

Do not unzip the RAR or Zip file that has the .py/pyo file. Just cut and paste the RAR and Zip file into the Mods folder.

Organizing your folder mods

If you are downloading a lot of Custom content or Mods for your entertainment it is advised to classify these files into fresh folders that are located within the Mods folder.

A best way to perform this is titling the sub folders the way it is listed in game like: Traits, CAS, Buy, Build, etc. You can make extra sub folders in these ones if required. This will be simpler to discover the best mod if you ever need to remove one.

Remove custom content or Mods from your game

If you want to remove custom content or Mods from the Sims 4 you need to remove the files from your Mods folder or location them in a different folder outside of the mod folder.


  • Please use Custom content and Mods with caution and forever read the feedback first before installing it.
  • Although custom and mods content are supported by the Sims team, they still attract people to make and use them.