The complete Sims 4 expansion packs review

The Sims is a popular video game series and the fourth version of the series is named the “Sims 4”. The game series is created by the Sims Studio in association with Maxis and are published worldwide by the Electronic Arts. The fourth part of the series was announced on the 6th of May of 2013 and was released in America on the 2nd of September 2014. There is also the availability of various expansion packs of the game series and one need to read a Sims 4 expansion packs review before buying or playing the game.

The complete Sims 4 expansion packs review

Get to Work

This is the first expansion pack in the popular game series “The Sims 4”. This particular expansion pack was released in America on the 31st of March of 2015. This particular expansion pack has four innovative careers: Scientist, detective, retail business, and doctor. This game portrays a different neighborhood named Magnolia Promenade where people can do shopping.

This new part of the game excludes some of the problems that the earlier version of the game was facing such as the lack of content and this expansion pack has made drastic changes in relation to the gameplay as well as has added a new place of work and various business lots. Along with, the user can also get to experience something new and interesting along with different interactions and new object content. One can know more about this version in a Sims 4 expansion packs review.

The complete Sims 4 expansion packs review

One of the best things that the game presents users with is a detective career path where players gather various clues at crime scenes and analysis of evidence at the police station. Players will have the ability to travel around the neighborhood by issuing citations as well as issue APB’s. At last users have to use the collected clues, for arresting the right suspect and then bring them in for the process of interrogation. In this version, a player can either act the part of a good cop or play the role of a tough and bad cop and then speed up the interrogation process. You can learn a lot more from a Sims 4 expansion packs review.

Get Together

This is the second expansion pack that is included in the Sims 4. This particular expansion pack involves a new European world known as Windenburg where users can visit the night clubs, new locations as well as new spots along with new clubs, hangouts, coffee shops, numerous activities as well as new interactions. The theme of this expansion pack is same to the other games in the series known by the name of The Sims 2: Nightlife, The Sims: Hot Date, The Sims 2 along with the Sims 3. This is one of the best Sims 4 expansion packs.

So, those who are thinking is Sims 4 get together worth it? Will change their views  This version was however met with major criticism from fans all over the world. Maximum of them have complained of the version being not so much interesting like the previous one. However, there have been plenty of new features added here too such as the capability form as well as join clubs. A Sims 4 get together review will reveal you more about the game.

The complete Sims 4 expansion packs review

Are you thinking Is Sims 4 get together worth it? Keep on reading to know more. The most notable inclusion in the game is the world of Windenburg which is the most vibrant as well as the prettiest town to go to. The town has an intrinsic, as well as historical European vibe that has rustic structures as well as plenty of picture perfect countryside that surrounds every location. You can know more from a Sims 4 get together review.

City Living

This is the third expansion pack that portrays a new city named as San Myshuno along with four fabulous neighborhoods. This new expansion pack introduces new careers that reflect the present time such as the politician career and two new brands that are never seen in the series such as critic and social media. This new expansion pack focuses on the life in the city as well as re-introduction of apartments in the city that range from fixer-uppers to luxurious houses. This is one of the best Sims 4 expansion packs.

The complete Sims 4 expansion packs review

There are different activities as well as lots for the Sims to navigate such as the Karaoke Bar, Spice market, Greek Con with video game matches, the spice festival that presents the curry consuming competitions as well as the romance festival for Sims who seek love. Buildings will feature a lot of traits that can be assigned to any people.

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